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DBC Backup 2 is a safe & simple way to schedule regular WordPress database backups using the wp-cron batch jobs.

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DBC Backup 2 is a safe & simple way to schedule regular WordPress database backups using the wp-cron batch jobs.

DBC Backup 2 can give you the confidence that your WordPress database is backed-up and securely stored on your server.

You select when and where your backup will be generated. The backup file is saved to directory on your web server which for many people is free storage and more reliable then saving to your home computer.

Key Features

  1. Secure – The file name includes some random characters which makes it impossible for someone to guess the backup name and download it.
  2. Safe – the backup directory is protected with a .htaccess and an empty index.html file which means no-one can browse or download the file via the web
  3. Storage – If your server has supports it, you can select between three different compression formats: none, Gzip and Bzip2.
  4. Schedule – you can set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backup
  5. Manual backup – anytime you want to save a backup before updating WordPress or installing a plugin you can.
  6. Secure – Download from Admin panel – if you’re an admin and wanted to download the backup.


Additional Info

During backup, a log will be generated which includes, the date, file, filesize, status and the duration of the generation.

The backup files are very similiar to what PHMyadmin or sqldump would produce because DBC Backup is using the key procedures of phpmyadmin and mysqli connector.

DBC Backup was built to be fast, flexible and as simple as possible.

Version Info


Re-written for First Time Users with more obvious messages and error notices

If you change from another backup plugin to this, you can use your existing backup folders

Works with Old PHP versions and the newest

Uses both mysqli_connect or mysql_connect

Supports WordPress 3.9


== 2.4 ==

Never released to the public


==  2.3.x ==

Major upgrade to support PHP 5.x and MySQL

New visual design / user experience to the plugin admin page

Supports WordPress 3.8


  1. Andreas Lenné

    Thank you! Works fine. Static files are separately backed up from time to time via ftp and the database backup resides on the server…

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