Differences between a plugin and a theme

In WordPress, as with many things, there are two ways to add features and customise your website, either with themes (php template files) or plugins.  There are multiple threads about what’s the difference between a theme and a plugin. A plugin ‘should not’ change your website design / look and feel … But a theme can do […]

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Isotope Visual Layouts – How to change the default number of posts

In my Isotope Visual Layouts WordPress plugin, you’ll find that Inline code documentation has been added to pretty much all the functions so just start by opening the main plugin file dbf_isotope.php and do a search for <code>function dbc_isotope_shortcode_handler($atts)</code> Under that you just need to change posts=20 to posts=-1 Note .. this also applies to […]

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How to disable Jetpack WordPress plugins

Enabling and Disabling Jetpack for WordPress individual plugins presented a bit of a challenge recently. Not having used Jetpack before, I thought it time to try out this collection of plugins developed and maintained by Automattic over the past 4 weeks. I’ve discovered that Jetpack is a feature rich collection of plugins but I seriously doubled-up on plugins […]

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Visual Layouts Pro

I’ve just finished work on the first release of my WordPress plugin Visual Layouts Pro — this features the awesome Freetile jQuery plugin for a responsive visual grid layout. Visual Layouts Pro, like my other plugins, offers the best features for creating a grid layout framework for your WordPress site – without needing to change […]

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WordPress 3 2 Updates

WordPress 3.6 beta 1 is here

The first beta release of WordPress 3.6 is here and it’s time to get testing and checking things. I’m already getting excited about WordPress 3.6 as it brings a lot of focus on tools for developers and for WordPress admin section. What’s changing in WordPress 3.6? The first beta candidate has been released. So we […]

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