Isotope Visual Layouts lite plugin for WordPress

Isotope Visual Layouts Lite - Asset

Easy to install plugin for WordPress that adds Isotope jquery & masonry to any blog


Bring your website to life – with stunning animation and visual effects thanks to Isotope by Metafizzy.

No coding and no theme to modify This is not a theme and you don’t need to know anything about HTML or CSS or coding. Just activate the plugin and create a new page (or post) this will save you hours of research on the Internet.

Tips & Hints


1. Upload the folder `isotope-visual-post-layouts` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Go to the Isotope link under ‘Appearances’ for basic FAQ
4. Create a page or post and add the shortcode [[dbc_isotope]]
5. Publish the page and view the results

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shortcodes are Supported?

* [[dbc_isotope]] will default to your most recent 10 posts
* [[dbc_isotope posts=-1]] will list all posts
* [[dbc_isotope posts=5 cat=1,3]] will list 5 posts in category 1 and 5
* [[dbc_isotope post_type=feedback]] will list 10 posts in custom post type called feedback
* [[dbc_isotope order=DESC]] defaults to most recent posts first but you can change this to ASC to go with oldest.

Do I need a licence to use this?

New Isotope licence terms, mean you don’t need a licence to use this plugin *as-is*

Can I change your CSS / HTML or the Isotope Javascript?

You can change the CSS or the JS with a commercial licence from Metafizzy and a Pro licence from me.

Please remember that I paid for a licence so you can use this for free.

When I resize my browser window smaller nothing happens

Hmm it sounds like your theme has fixed widths. You need a responsive theme for the resize animation effect to work.



2.0 – 21 Feb 2013

* A slightly new name – it’s lite, it’s free.

* Add WP Transient Caching for performance

* Works with WordPress Multisite
* Re-written the wp_query engine even better
* Fixed – a potential critical conflict

1.0 – 26 Dec 2012

* Introduced 7 colour styles

* 3 options – Image only, Image & Text, Text only
* Re-written the wp_query engine.
* Fixed – can now be used anywhere on a page or post

0.33 – Sept 2012

* custom plugin update checker added (so you’ll get notifications of future updates).


* Fixed – (really) link from Plugins to Appearances menu.

* plugin removed from WordPress.Org 🙁


* Fixed – link from Plugins to Appearances menu.


* Fixed order – now defaults to most recent posts first.
* Added order shortcode attribute [[dbc_isotope order=ASC]] or order=DESC


* Introduces the shortcode
* No need to code or move files
* List posts by category
* List custom post type
* New Isotope licence terms, mean you don’t need a licence to use this plugin as-is


* Plugin adds the custom stylesheet and Isotope javascript
* Copy / move the isotope_template.php to your theme directory