Visual Layouts WordPress Plugin

Easy to install plugin for WordPress that adds Freetile jquery & to any blog
Add stunning visual effects to your list of posts & custom post types using Freetile. Needs a responsive theme.

Bring your website to life – with stunning animation and visual effects thanks to Freetile.

You’ll have a sticky note style visual layout and can choose to list all your posts or selected posts. You can even use custom post types.

Just create a page or post and add the shortcode [[dbc_freetile]]

No coding and no theme to modify

This is not a theme and you don’t need to know anything about HTML or CSS or coding. Just activate the plugin and create a new page (or post) this will save you hours of research on the Internet.


Just answer a few questions

Tips & Hints

How to Install

1. Upload the folder `visual-layouts` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Go to the freetile link under ‘Appearances’ for basic FAQ
4. Create a page or post and add the shortcode [[dbc_freetile]]
5. Publish the page and view the results

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shortcodes are Supported?

* [[dbc_freetile]] will default to your most recent 10 posts
* [[dbc_freetile posts=-1]] will list all posts
* [[dbc_freetile posts=5 cat=1,3]] will list 5 posts in category 1 and 5
* [[dbc_freetile post_type=feedback]] will list 10 posts in custom post type called feedback
* [[dbc_freetile order=DESC]] defaults to most recent posts first but you can change this to ASC to go with oldest.

What Colour Options are there?

You’ll find the settings panel allows you to choose a colour option for your Visual Posts.

If you’re ok with CSS … then you can edit the CSS file in the plugin’s folder.

When I resize my browser window smaller nothing happens

Hmm it sounds like your theme has fixed widths. You need a responsive theme for the resize animation effect to work.


1. Freetile Settings Page — not much too it really just some helpful tips to get you started
2. The finished page showing 10 recent posts. Resize your browser window to see them animate.
3. Add Page with shortcode


1.0 – 11 November 2012
* 1st release