DBC Backup 2

DBC Backup 2 – the plugin to schedule regular WordPress database backups.

DBC Backup 2 gives the confidence that your WordPress database is backed-up and securely stored on your server.

Database backup and security should be a critical issue for Marketing Agencies, small businesses and any WordPress website user. DBC backup 2 is a WordPress plugin which the whole experience easy with only 3 critical features:

3 Critical Features of DBC Backup 2

  1. Storage – the backup file is compressed and saved on your web server and not sent via email or to another 3rd party.
  2. Secure – the backup file is saved in a protected directory and blocked from downloading or other prying eyes (download via FTP/SFTP or SSH only)
  3. Automated Backup – schedule regular database backups to happen in the background. Manual backup is also supported.

Make this the 1st Plugin you to install in WordPress

Having worked on numerous large and small web applications using WordPress, the problem for many agencies and business is the assumption that security and backup is the responsibility of the IT or server manager.

Download then Install DBC Backup 2

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Help & FAQ’s

= Why create a server based back-up =
It makes sense to me to keep the SQL database backup where you will most likely need it if something goes wrong. Many web hosts provide a large amount of free space for you to store files. So rather than having to pay someone else for storing your database backup you can use the free space you already have.

= Aren’t server based back-ups insecure? =
Not really, server based back-ups are only unsafe if your server is prone to fail or poorly protected from hacking.

= I want to make my backup more secure =
That’s easy, the plugin creates a .htaccess file in the backup folder. You can open this file and add to this code. The backup folder is protected against browsing or direct file access.

= Will you add a link to download the file from the web? =
No, as this would mean any anonymous user with the link could download your backup file. This would make things very insecure for you.

= Why doesn’t any compression format options appear? =
Because Gzip and Bzip2 are not installed on your server.

= The plugin didn’t make a backup when I setup a specific wp-cron job =
WP-Cron is different to server cron as it requires WordPress to trigger the batch jobs. This means, for example if you have no visitors on your site at the time of backup then the backup will run the next time someone browses your site. The same problem also happens with things like scheduled posts.

= Seriously? =
Yes, seriously. You can read up on wp-cron.

= How long have you been using this? and have you ever restored a site from the backup? =
About 2 years I’ve been using this and yes, a few times I’ve used a backups to build a fresh website.
= Does this work for multisite? =
Yes, it will create a backup of all blogs and sub-sites. In the future I hope to make it work for just selected blogs.

Download Now

1. Upload the folder dbcbackup to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. You can enter the admin page from the link ‘DBC Backup’ on the Tools menu.
4. Configure the plugin settings and you are ready. You’ll need to know your server path to a folder you want the backup saved.

* If the plugin can’t create the export directory you will have to do it manually and don’t forget to chmod 777 it.
* If you are upgrading, deactivate the plugin first and remove all old files, before starting.

1. Go to the plugin admin panel

2. add the path/to_backup/folder/   probably something like /var/www/yourname/backup

3. set the schedule

4. Remember to tick Active

5. Click Save Changes.

= Version 2.1 =

– New admin panel layout
– Moved DBC Backup under Tools menu
– New Settings link from Installed Plugins list
– FIXED user options are deleted from WPDB when plugin is uninstalled
– Address usability issue (users need to check the ACTIVE box when saving a backup schedule)
– Integrate social media sharing and help & faq’s links

= Version 2.0 =
– Submitted as ‘fork’ of the existing plugin
– Tested and confirmed working on WordPress 3.4.1

= Version 1.1 =
– Added option to specify the interval between crons. e.g 1 hour, 2 days, 3 weeks, 4 months etc etc
– Added option to remove older than x days backups after a new backup generation

= Version 1.0 =
– First Initial Release

Issues & Bugs

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