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Hello World – again!

Hello … it’s been a while since I’ve said anything on this site … but now I’m back. My first priority is to get a working dev environment setup here (new machine, moved house last year, etc) and then I’m going to look at simple changes to my plugins.      

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WordPress 3 2 Updates

WordPress 3.6 beta 1 is here

The first beta release of WordPress 3.6 is here and it’s time to get testing and checking things. I’m already getting excited about WordPress 3.6 as it brings a lot of focus on tools for developers and for WordPress admin section. What’s changing in WordPress 3.6? The first beta candidate has been released. So we […]

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Why I use WordPress?

Why use WordPress and Compare WordPress features sound like pretty SEO friendly keywords. Right? And if you’re new to WordPress, you’ll probably see many articles focus on three words – Free, Simple & Easy.  These words tell you nothing about WordPress and so this is to help you decide to choose WordPress. I started using […]

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