WordPress & MarsEdit – schedule the future date of publishing bug

I’ve been using MarsEdit for years and really like its features … recently I reformatted my Mac and now find that all my WordPress posts are being published immediately. Even after I set the date for ‘tomorrow’ for example.

By the way .. I’d love it if MarsEdit would add a text editor toolbar to make it easier to apply formatting styles like lists, headers or font styles.


Small Bug – Set post date gets overwritten when you change post status

I was getting annoyed and found that if I set the blog post date to ‘tomorrow’, then set the post status to published .. things were being published immediately.


Workaround – Set Post Status then set post publication date

In pracitce, I found the problem is not there if you …

1. set post status first

2. set the date

3. click send to blog

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