Visual Layouts Filtrify & Isotope Visual Layouts – will they work with your WordPress Theme?

Hi Damien,
I’m about to start using your amazing plugins and was wondering if you could offer me some advice. Is it possible for me to use your filtering capability with this WordPress theme …
To be honest … I think I’m better off with just the plugins.


I recently received this email and thought I’d write up a few notes on my plugins. Right or Wrong … If you like the style of your theme, WordPress plugins are there to extend the function of your site. This means you don’t have to replace your existing theme just to get a new feature.


Want to get a cool theme instead?

If you do like the style / grid layout that I’m showing and want to replace your theme … then checkout the WooThemes range of themes. I’ve tested my plugins against ‘most’ of their themes and they all work.

Out of the box, WooThemes offer the most user-friendly site & theme admin options compared to pretty much anything I’ve seen or tested. If you look for Portfolio Themes then you’ll find these use Masonry as well as tag based filtering. Even a couple of their free themes have portfolio functions to try out.


Infinite Scroll & Filtering – not possible today 

One word of caution — Most people who ask about my plugins want Infinite Scroll added to Isotope Visual Layouts …  which is great. But you can’t (today) do any filtering ( as in you can’t append your next page to the existing filters ). In the future, I’ll look for another solution to this.

You can do lots of filtering with the filtrify plugin .. Including multiple custom taxonomies  … dates, tags as well as categories


Themes that don’t work with my plugins

There are a couple of themes that I have seen not working with my plugins. The most common reasons are that the theme is 

  • Uses fixed widths – which means they don’t change layout in a responsive manner
  • Use complex page templates – which means the page layout and look & feel get’s screwed up
  • Already include a jQuery plugins doing similar things – this causes a user experience / behaviour problem, in that my plugin works one way and the theme works in another way.


That said … if you are concerned your website will not work — then install the free Isotope Visual Layouts plugin first.

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