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NEWS: Isotope Visual Post Layouts v0.32 just a bug fix

Isotope Visual Post Layouts v0.32 was published to the plugins repository at on Sunday.

UPDATED 25 Sep 2012.
Here is a link to Download the plugin.

What’s in this release?

v0.32 is a minor bug fix and apologies from me. It’s been one single bug that has plagued me since the first version of the plugin. It’s now fixed.

Filtrify – Add-on coming soon

I’ve started work on my first add-in for Isotope Visual Post Layouts. This will be a feature you can purchase to include Filtrify drop-down menu (as featured on

What’s coming next? Post-it Note Colour Styles

I’m also starting work to add a settings panel – initially this will allow you to choose between a few different colours for the post layouts.

In testing is a new approach for the query which selects the posts to show. The benefit for this is that you’ll be able to use [[dbc_isotope]] on any page — in the middle of a post even.

Do you like Isotope Visual Post Layouts? Let me know 🙂

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  1. Sebastian September 17, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    I want to make a category filter and I’d like to use Isotope, but I cannot find it anywhere. Can You help me?

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