WordPress 3.3 RC3 - This has to be it

WordPress 3.3 RC3 – This has to be it

The third and final release candidate of WordPress 3.3 is here. AND … now we know that hopefully next week the real WordPress 3.3 will be here.

The release note hints that everything is ready. This version RC3 WordPress 3.3 has a few last minute bug fixes and tidy up.

If you haven’t started testing WordPress 3.3, then now is the time to check plugins, themes and familiarise yourself.


WordPress 3.3 what you can expect

WordPress 3.3 has already had 4 beta releases and 3 release candidates. From experience, this is just bug checking, tidy up and fixing last minute security things.

Floating Layer Dashboard WordPress 3.3

Check out my recent post on getting to grips with WordPress 3.3 … WordPress 3.3 changes the Admin look n feel for any logged in users.


Should I update to this Release Candidate?

As this is ‘not the real thing’ you shouldn’t use this on any live site – but it does mean it’s pretty stable and useful.

To install the release candidate you need the WordPress beta updates plugin and then just go to your updates sections.

WordPress 3 2 Updates


Before you update any live site – backup

Making a backup in WordPress is very easy to do, but you should always follow a simple process like this:

  1. Make sure you have a current WordPress database
  2. Enable your Maintenance mode page.
  3. Run Backup plugin / script
  4. Disable any / all plugins
  5. Run the update
  6. Update any plugins that also got updated
  7. Enable all plugins that you need
  8. Check for any bugs or other issues
  9. Disable your Maintenance Mode.


If you’re still stuck … get in contact and I’ll be happy to help you out. Perhaps you’re interested in setting up your own WordPress site or blog



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