SharePoint 2013 Minimal Download Strategy not loading javascript jQuery

SharePoint Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) feature stops scripts like jQuery and javascript from loading. Using a Content Webpart with a link to the .js file, when visiting some URL’s the script would load but intermittently wouldn’t load.  Initially, I thought this was my own fault as the URL’s were to the same content: example: http://<sitecollection/<site>/Lists/<list name>/NewForm.aspx […]

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Hello World – again!

Hello … it’s been a while since I’ve said anything on this site … but now I’m back. My first priority is to get a working dev environment setup here (new machine, moved house last year, etc) and then I’m going to look at simple changes to my plugins.      

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DBC Backup 2 – minor update

DBC Backup 2, my WordPress plugin to safely backup your website has had a minor update. DBC Backup 2 build 2.3.25 has just been published to the WordPress Plugin repository and you can update now. Features / What’s New in DBC Backup 2 build 2.3.25 Fixes – a problem where the settings link didnt work […]

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